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About Us

Trizeal is an eccentric group of researchers, entrepreneurs, and Internet enthusiasts focused on identifying and sharing the IFs of the Internet world.

IFs - Influencing Factors

Research has proven that everything has a series of IFs (Influencing Factors) that form and direct outcomes. Successes and failures are directly influenced by multiple factors and once these factors are identified, the outcome of nearly any situation is predictable and even controllable to an extent. Knowing and understanding the factors that influence outcome is priceless and key to success.

What We Do

Research – Review – Report


Trizeal was founded in 1995 by a group of researchers with an insatiable desire for understanding. We love information and we go to great lengths to secure obscene quantities of it. Quality information is both relevant and accurate and that requires researching multiple sources, it means reaching beyond the common sources such as Wikipedia and Google. Researched information is infinitely more valuable and reliable when it comes from multiple sources.


Research sources and materials are sorted, examined, compared, and reviewed. Fact, theory, and opinion are all taken into account. We seek understanding and that requires identifying the IFs (Influencing Factors) that surround subjects, controlling actions, and determining outcomes.


IFs are way to valuable to keep a secret which is why we share them with the public in our posts. Our posts have a broad subject range but usually revolve around Internet success and income building online.

Our Focus

To provide people and businesses with accurate and relevant information that helps them achieve success in whatever they pursue. To identify and share the IF’s that determine success and failure.

The value of identifying and understanding IFs can not be overstated.

Trizeal is a growing resource. Please stop by once in a while to see whats new.